Fluke 1630 Ground Resistance Meter


Fluke 1630 Earth Ground Clamp Meter uses stakeless method to simplify ground loop testing

The clamp-on ground testing technique provided by the Fluke 1630 simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement without breaking the circuit. Its compact and rugged design makes the Fluke 1630 easy to use in small places and harsh environments. Handy features like “display hold” and continuity testing with an audible alarm, ensures additional convenience.

Key features

  • A compact, rugged clamp meter that enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement for earth ground loop testing
  • Features a wide ground loop resistance range, from 0.025 Ω to1500 Ω7
  • Measures ground leakage current, from 0.2 mA to 1000 mA, without needing to disconnect
  • Measures AC current from 0.2 A to 30 A

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