Magnetic Drive Pump Trundean TMD-37~350


Trundean Machinery, with many years of manufacture experience and professional technology, continuously focuses on Roots Blowers and Magnetic Drive Pump research and provides reliable & quality products for customers. Not only qualified for ISO 9001 2000 International Quality Certification and CE Certification, but also obtained many awards such as Water Jacket Type Roots Blower improvement, Magnetic Drive Pump Type Structure Improvement, Roots Blower Structure Improvement…etc.

Magnetic Drive Pump is made of anti-corrosion, thermoplastic GFR-PP or PVDF material; and it is easy to load and unload without any special tool to replace parts. Magnetic Drive Pumps can be applied to a wide range of fields such as sea-farming, PCB assembly process, chemical works and surface treatment of metals. The magnet-driven sealless pumps are easy to assemble and disassemble; no special tools needed to replace parts. Furthermore, because of the free seal feature, the pump is best for the applications not allowing the leakage. Trundean Machinery has over 25 years of experience in this industry, capable to provide high quality Magnetic Drive Pumps to customers worldwide.

We, Trundean Machinery, are committed to maintaining product quality and innovation, production standardization, and strict inspection system, in order to ensure that Trundean roots blowerMagnetic Drive Pump and Diffusers can meet customer’s requirement. We offer the best quality products and quick after-sale service. We are capable to make products according to customer’s special request. Custom-made order is welcome.


  • Superior combination of materials and a leak-free, seamless design.
  • Excellent corrosion resistant materials such as carbon, ceramics etc…
  • Designed with an emphasis on improved durability.
  • Excellent corrosion resistant.
  • Featuring enhanced reliability and safety.
  • The series can be arranged with NEMA or IEC standard motor.
  • Easy maintenance disassembly and assembly


Type- 37~350

Type Inhale bore Size Suction X Diachargo Max Capacity Max. Head S. G 馬力輸出 Pole
L/min m KW
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
TMD-37 40A x 40A FF 270 275 12.0 11.5 1.05 0.4 2
TMD-75 40A x 40A FF 335 341 18.0 17.5 1.05 0.75 2
TMD-150 50A x 40A FF 401 406 24.5 24 1.2 1.5 2
TMD-220 50A x 40A FF 453 521 25.2 23 1.05 2.2 2
TMD-350 50A x 50A FF 570 654 26 34 1.05 3.5 2

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