ORP Sensor Sensorex S272CDORP/ 10/TL


Sensorex, S272CD-ORP-MA/10/TL/TL, ORP Sensor, Platinum, 3/4″ NPT, PPS 4-20A

Moderately contaminated water, such as industrial source water or natural water resources, may contain chemicals and debris that damage ORP probe components. Continuous monitoring in these types of applications requires a durable and low maintenance ORP probe. S272 series of ORP probes feature a double junction design to protect the reference cell from contamination by sample components that interact with silver. The flat measurement surface is self-cleaning and resists breakage, for minimal maintenance.


Reliable performance in demanding applications

Extended sensor lifetime

Versatile design for submersion or in-line mounting


Measurement Range +/-2000 mV
Temperature Range 0-100°C
Pressure Range 0 – 100 PSIG
Body Construction Ryton Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

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