pH Sensor Sensorex S272CD/10/TL


The S272CD online process pH sensor delivers reliable online monitoring for in-line or submersion installation configuration. This sensor is designed to extend sensor lifetime with double-junction technology. Minimal maintenance required due to flat glass measurement surface. A versatile sensor for moderate and multi-purpose applications.

Reliable performance in demanding applications: Liquid flow naturally cleans the flat pH measurement surface

Extended sensor lifetime: Double junction technology extends sensor lifetime by preventing reference contamination

Versatile design for many applications: 3/4″ NPT threads on both ends for submersion or in-line mounting

  • One year limited warranty:We stand behind all our products with the Sensorex Guarantee


Measurement Range: 0-14 pH (NA+ ion error >12.3pH)
Temperature Range: 0-100⁰ C
Pressure Range: 0 ~ 100 PSIG
Body Construction: Ryton Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
Response Time: 95% in 1 second
Isopotential: 7.00 pH
Process Connection: 3/4″ MNPT for submersion or in-line
Connector: Tinned Leads
Cable Length: 10 feet (3 meters)

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